Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Mess!!!

I recently went back to school to finish my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. Since its been more than a decade since I've been back at college, I decided to take just one class. I didn't want to over do it so I went easy on myself [which I now regret because I could have taken more classes on top of psychology 101]. My professor, Mr. V, is a great teacher and I find her very interesting. When I found out about my first test, I began to panic. Night after night, I would vent to my Papi Chulo about What if I fail or am I studying right, or OMG there is so much information, how in the world am I going to remember it all. So my first test was in September and I ended up with the highest grade in class. Breathe!!!!!!!!
So then our next test was scheduled for the first week of November. So I then began to stress again and ask myself "Will I survive"? I was more stressed this last time around. I think because I had already tested so well that I needed another repeat. Now let me tell you about these tests that Mr. V gives. They are not easy. They are not multiple choice or fill-in the blank. These tests are essay form tests. Our answers have to be essays. So I began to prepare myself for another test. Memorize, repeated, read outloud, study before going to bed [that helps me memorize the material better...actually I think and obsess over it all night long]. I walked into class Wednesday afternoon and began my test. Its funny because when I do these exams, its just me and the paper. I write and write and write. I think only about the material I've studied and nothing else. So I hand in my 6 pages of answers, walk to my car, and call Papi Chulo and let out a scream of relief...what a relief to finish this test that has caused me to almost change my name to "Hot Mess". After the test, I go pick up the boys, come home, help them with homework, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, check my email/Facebook, then by 7:00 p.m., walk over to the couch and plop myself on it. I fell asleep within minutes. I was a Hot Mess all week that I think my body was done with the stress.
The following week, I go to class and get my test handed back to me. I got another A! So I guess I need to learn to stress less because I am obviously doing great.
This Hot Mess needs to chill a little...what do you think???

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