Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I had Octuplets, I would name them........

1. What
2. The
3. Hell
4. Did
5. I
6. Get
7. Myself
8. Into

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its 64 degrees right now and........................

Vinny decides [after school] that he needs to get a tan. So he throws on his
swim trunks and lays out on our small patch of artificial turf. He also requested some lemonade with a straw.

Being 6.9 years old sure is fun!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twilighted Christina

This a photoshopped picture of Christina. I found a gal on Etsy that "Twilighted" her.....meaning that she is a vampire in this picture. This was one of many birthday gifts last month. I thought it was pretty cool. She loved it!!! Click HERE if you want more info.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can you say FANGO!!!

I don't mean to scare you so early in the morning. That is in fact me with my FANGO mask on. My sister-in-law had a skin care home party back in November. So I went and fell in love with there products. I am a home party junkie....I admit it! I've bought from Princess House, Home Interiors, Cookie Lee, Pampered Chef, Partylite Candles. Anyway, I always break out with any new moisturizers and toners I start but not these products. This one mask I have on is a seaweed mask called FANGO.
You use it once a week and boy its made a huge difference. So go on with your day....again my apologizes if I happen to frighten you.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its 2009!!!!

Sandra's Cafe is getting a bit of an interesting start to 2009. Vinny was up throwing up last night. Poor guy!! Its going around and I think I gave it to him.
My sister, Maria and her boyfriend Beli [pictured above], came over to see us on Sunday. I noticed she was wearing a beautiful solitare diamond on her ring finger. She said they were engaged. Gosh....what took so long? They met in high school and have been together since then. I had to keep their engagement a secret because they officially announced it right before midnight. A date will be set for sometime in June of 2010. That's great because I am going to need to make those invitations and bridal shower invites as well. Oh and a scrapbook and thank you cards and name cards and......................the list goes on and on. CONGRATS!!! And have a Happy New Year!