Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Mess!!!

I recently went back to school to finish my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. Since its been more than a decade since I've been back at college, I decided to take just one class. I didn't want to over do it so I went easy on myself [which I now regret because I could have taken more classes on top of psychology 101]. My professor, Mr. V, is a great teacher and I find her very interesting. When I found out about my first test, I began to panic. Night after night, I would vent to my Papi Chulo about What if I fail or am I studying right, or OMG there is so much information, how in the world am I going to remember it all. So my first test was in September and I ended up with the highest grade in class. Breathe!!!!!!!!
So then our next test was scheduled for the first week of November. So I then began to stress again and ask myself "Will I survive"? I was more stressed this last time around. I think because I had already tested so well that I needed another repeat. Now let me tell you about these tests that Mr. V gives. They are not easy. They are not multiple choice or fill-in the blank. These tests are essay form tests. Our answers have to be essays. So I began to prepare myself for another test. Memorize, repeated, read outloud, study before going to bed [that helps me memorize the material better...actually I think and obsess over it all night long]. I walked into class Wednesday afternoon and began my test. Its funny because when I do these exams, its just me and the paper. I write and write and write. I think only about the material I've studied and nothing else. So I hand in my 6 pages of answers, walk to my car, and call Papi Chulo and let out a scream of relief...what a relief to finish this test that has caused me to almost change my name to "Hot Mess". After the test, I go pick up the boys, come home, help them with homework, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, check my email/Facebook, then by 7:00 p.m., walk over to the couch and plop myself on it. I fell asleep within minutes. I was a Hot Mess all week that I think my body was done with the stress.
The following week, I go to class and get my test handed back to me. I got another A! So I guess I need to learn to stress less because I am obviously doing great.
This Hot Mess needs to chill a little...what do you think???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Great Movie to be released soon.

Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland.
This movie looks too good to be true.
Tim Burton is wickedly talented!!!!