Friday, September 21, 2007

Party Animals!!!

This is what happens when your kids are up until 4:00 in the morning......well only your 12-year old! We went to my sisters house last weekend for her House Warming Party. They don't party alot but this was quite the party.

DJ Vinny

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Off he goes!

What a handsome little devil he is! Then you wonder why I wanted more kids! Look at him!
I can't believe all my kids are in school now. Its the craziest feeling ever! I've been at home for almost 6 years and the time has flown by way too fast. Today is the 1st day I will be at home without any kids. Joey started Pre-school today and boy was he excited! It was kinda sad for me too because he's my little baby. I said my goodbye to him and he blew me a huge kiss! He was already sitting and working on some blocks. He'll only go 2 times a week but your probably thinking what I'll be doing with a little bit of free time. Well I am going to go the gym, clean my house, scrapbook, mabye watch some TV, go to the grocery store...Lots to do!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Baby Shower Invites!.

Since my older sister is pregnant with her first child, I kinda said I would do the invitations. They aren't any regular invites. They have to be carefully designed and made exceptionally cute! Its a girl so that adds more cuteness to the invitations. Lots of pink! So here are a few of the 10 that I am sending her. She needs to pick one of the 10 so I could get started on them in the next week. I'd like to complete them by the first or second week of October. I am giving myself a full month to do them because we have a huge family and she has loads of needless to say I'll be doing quite a few invitations
This one is my favorite. Love the green and pink combo!
Its a baby shower! Get it...pregnant woman carrying an umbrella.

Look at the baby face! Love it!

Enjoy these awesome cards.
Have a great week!