Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Dad is the Man, My Mom Rocks, and Hello my name is Trouble!!!

Are these not the cutest kids ever!!! If I knew what they were going to look like I would of never begged my husband to get fixed!!! I could of have 2 or 3 more of these lit' guys. Daddy went to good ol' Target 2 weeks ago and bought them these shirts. We went out yesterday for a family day to Ross [Dress for Less] and to lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Our waitress was so good! We tipped her $10...our bill was $45. Love a family day out!!!

Santa Ana Zoo!!!

So we went down to see my mom [aka: Grandma for the kids] on Thursday. She wanted to take the kids to the zoo so we went to the local Santa Ana Zoo. If you are wondering who the other girl in the pictures are...that's my little sister Cindy [aka: Cindy Windy]. She's 13 almost 14!! That place has gotten so much better from when I was a little one :) They have some really cool animals. The highlight of my zoo trip was the bald eagle. It couldn't fly because he had been shot on one of his wings. It was so awesome!!! We also took a ride on a train. We left the zoo and went to eat some lunch. The kids were starving. Vinny ate 4 pieces of pizza! I think his middle name should of been pizza. Vincent Pizza :) We left Irvine around 3 p.m. and boy was there traffic on the 91. So to kill time, I had Christina unbuckle her seat belt [wow, that's so unsafe...oh well] and we took some silly pictures. It was great!!!

Happy Easter 2007!!!!

It took me a week to post Easter pictures but here they are. We had such a great family gathering. Lots of food, lots of good conversation, and lots of kids running around looking for Easter eggs. I bought some easter cookies so the kids could have an activity to do. So they all decorated there cookies. Look at Vinny's work of art!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

M.O.M.S. Club Easter Party

Today was a fun and "Egg-stra" special day! We went to Shannon's house for our annual M.O.M.S. Club Easter Party. We had lots of yummy food, an Easter Egg Hunt, and a special visit from the Easter Bunny :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I got married to Vinny & Joey!!!

The boys were playing in the coat closet this morning and found my vail from my 1st Holy Communion. So Vinny brings it to me and says "Mommy, let's get married." I say, "Well...sure...let's get married." Joey also said he wanted to marry his mom, so I put the vail on and walked around the house with Vinny in one arm and Joey on the other. We sat on the sofa and talked. Then they ran off and left me by myself on the sofa because they wanted to have a slumber party in there room. So our marriage only lasted 3 minutes. But it was fun putting on my vail!!!

Happy 3rd Un-Birthday Christina!!!

Yesterday, April 2, 2007, was Christina's 3rd Un-Birthday! It has been 3 years now that we got her. We call it her un-birthday because on that day, she was kinda born-again. She moved into our home and became a new girl and also began a new life! We have had our up's and down's but all-in-all, it has been a great time! I 've always said that I wanted my own princess...and now I do!!! Love you Chokey-McChoke!!!