Monday, April 20, 2009

First broken bone for one of our little ones.

Boy its been a crazy day! I know I haven't blogged in awhile. I've had lots of things going on but that's another story.
Look who made it to our families history book for being the first child to break a other than VINNY!!!

I get a call around 11 from the nurse that Vinny had hurt his wrist before lunch. He was crossing over the monkey bars and fell on his wrist. I talk to him on the phone and he sounds like a different person. His cry was unfamiliar and full of pain. So I rush down there. The nurse lets me take a peak at his wrist [it was in a sling] and I lost my marbles at that time. I look away and cried so he wouldn't see me. I then put my sunglasses so he wouldn't see the tears. I quickly sign him out of school along with Joseph. My friend gets Vinny settled in the front seat and my sweet neighbor takes Joseph.

I was very hesitant about taking him to our little towns hospital. I've heard amillion horror stories. So we get there and sign some insurance forms. We are seen within 10 minutes. They put a new sling on him and Gabriel arrives within that time. He is whisked away to x-rays where the doctor confirms the news on his injuries. He broke the 2 bones right below his wrist.

[When I look at this image, all I can say is "OUCH, poor guy"!!!
The doctor also told us to wait until around 5:00p.m. so they could put Vinny to sleep so they could re-align his bones. They couldn't do it after the x-rays because I hand feed him on our way to the hospital [I know, unsafe!] So Vinny got his own private room with a T.V. and hung out until 5. I left around 2:15 to come home and tend to the other kids. According to Gabe, it took quite abit of anesthesia to knock out Vinny. He had no pain meds until before he fell asleep tonight. I'm telling you, he's so strong! I'll keep you posted on his condition.